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Event information

April.2018 Exchanged with “ Biwako Gakuen Social Welfare Corporation “ in Shiga Prefecture
July.2018 Live Painting Performace in Fluss

Events of history

April.2017 Live event at the wine fair held at Daimaru Tokyo store
February.2018 Donated “MINORI PART III” to “Biwako Gakuen Social Welfare Corporation” in Shiga Prefecture
February.2018 Donated “優峰 yuhou” to “Ngahama Nursing School” in Shiga Prefecture
March.2018 Collaborated with La Mano Fria in Miami , USA


Yu Takashima

1983  Born in Osaka, after graduating from high school, engaged in food industry
2008  Opened Wine bar “Sa loon ff”, learned about wine by herself
2014   Opened Wine Shop “YU”. Also opened “BISTRO BIO”
2016   Selected for the Italian International Art Prize Exhibition
2017  Selected for Paris International Salon Drawing , and Spanish Art Prize
2018  Appointed for INCONTRO model


When I was a small girl, my mother often drank wine at dinner. I loved its good smell. Since then I have had a special feeling for wine and after I grew old, I got a job of wine service. I learned more about wine by myself. The more I studied about wine, the more interest I had in it…… WINE has become my life!!! I thought from the bottom of my heart that I wanted to tell the wonderfulness of wine to everyone I met. I also visited various wineries and I felt a real message came into my heart very naturally.
I went to Austria, the home of Austrian wine. In Japan at that time, Austrian wine had become more and more popular because it was tasty and the taste could go with a lot of Japanese dishes. It was a great joy for me to join a big tasting party, to experience the culture of many different countries and to see many friendly people. It was really a paradise to me.
I loved Vienna, the city of music, very much. I found a piano on the street. Anyone who wanted could play it. On my last day in Austria, in a very wonderful surrounding with the twittering of the birds, I painted a painting without a break. In a word, it was my expression of thanks to everything in Austria. I could see the different world, could have sympathy with the Austrian way of thinking about wine. I can’t express my gratitude for these things in one painting.
At my first live in Austria, I made up the world of painting with wine. Thinking of the grape farmers and wine makers, I got an inspiration and made my own color by mixing wine with paint. In this way I made up my own style as a wine painter. I painted some paintings in the same way.
I would like to mention that I had a chance to meet La Mano Feria. Our style was quite different, but we could understand each other. I decided to collaborate with him. It will make my art expand on a large scale. We will express about the immigration matters with each other’s style. I hope this collaboration will connect us with the world. I believe that art has such a strong power.


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